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General warnings for consultation of Cy.Pha.M.A.’s web site

In addition to the laws currently in force, access to and consultation of this Cy.Pha.M.A. web site are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. Consequently, the Terms and Conditions listed hereinafter must be unconditionally accepted by anyone wishing to access and consult this site, irrespective of any other agreement that may exist between the visitor and Cy.Pha.M.A..


Terms and conditions

  1. The information provided on this site is for purely informational purposes, with no intention of providing medical advice or suggestions. The visitor is invited to consult a physician or a pharmacist for all diagnostic needs and advice on the appropriate treatment.
  2. While Cy.Pha.M.A. makes every effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate and updated, it cannot give any guarantees regarding the content of the site. Consequently, the visitor must judge the content himself/herself, always bearing in mind that the function of this site is purely informational, not advisory or consultative. Cy.Pha.M.A. therefore accepts no responsibility with regard to utilisation of the site and its content. In particular, Cy.Pha.M.A. accepts no responsibility for any flaws in the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the information contained in the site or for any damage due to viruses that can infect the visitor’s computer or other electronic equipment or other property as a result of accessing, utilising or browsing this web site or the downloading of material, data, texts, images from the site. Cy.Pha.M.A. reserves the right to interrupt or suspend the functions of the site at any time and this shall not be construed as acceptance of any liability if this is done as a consequence of acts and omissions on the part of Cy.Pha.M.A. or third parties in general.
  3. The information present on the site may contain technical or typing errors. Cy.Pha.M.A. reserves the right to change, correct or upgrade said information at any time, without advance notice.
  4. The site also contains links to other sites of third parties considered to be of potential interest to the visitor. With these links, the visitor exits the Cy.Pha.M.A. site by free choice without any compulsion. The information contained in the sites connected by the links may not comply with the Cyprus law governing the advertising of medicinal products for human use. Cy.Pha.M.A. has no control over said sites and their content and, consequently, accepts no responsibility for any of these.
  5. Visitors may download, display and print the information contained on this site solely for their own personal use. The utilisation of the content of this site for non-personal or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Cy.Pha.M.A. is absolutely forbidden.
  6. All indications regarding title to the materials downloaded from the site must be kept and reproduced. Unless otherwise specified, any and all material present on the site must be deemed to be protected by intellectual property rights and may be utilised solely in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or as specified in the texts of the site, in the absence of the prior written consent of Cy.Pha.M.A.. Cy.Pha.M.A. accepts no liability for any breaches of third party rights by visitors/users resulting from improper use of the material contained on the site.
  7. The subdivision of parts or sections of this site and the incorporation of same into other sites of third parties having no connection with Cy.Pha.M.A. is absolutely forbidden.
  8. Visitors/users of the site have no right to financially exploit any data, information or material contained on the site.
  9. Without prejudice to the information covered by the Code for the protection of privacy on the internet, all communications or material transmitted by visitors/users to the site by e-mail or other means, including data, questions, comments, suggestions and similar messages, will be treated as non-confidential, unprotected information unless otherwise indicated. Cy.Pha.M.A. acquires the use of all material transmitted to or sent to the site, with the fullest powers that include, but are not limited to, reproducing, transmitting, publishing and sending any such information. Cy.Pha.M.A. is free to utilise all ideas, concepts, know how or technical information contained in the communications received by the site for any purpose whatsoever, including but not limited to, the development, production and sale of products based on such information.
  10. No defamatory, obscene or false messages, or messages that in some way breach the applicable provisions of law, may be sent via the site. Cy.Pha.M.A. will collaborate with the authorities, reporting any breaches discovered and implementing without delay all procedures aimed at identifying those that act unlawfully by sending such material to the site.
  11. In the event of a breach of the Terms and Conditions for the use of the site, Cy.Pha.M.A. reserves the right to take corrective action without warning, including excluding access by the visitor/user concerned and the services of said visitor/user and the removal of all material input by said visitor/user, without incurring any liability in this regard.
  12. The visitor/user undertakes to hold harmless Cy.Pha.M.A. against all claims, damages, liability, legal proceedings and any other prejudicial consequences resulting from improper utilisation by the visitor/user of data, information or material of whatsoever kind appearing on this website. By way of example, this applies to all actions regarding breach of copyright, trademarks, patents, industrial property rights, unfair trading and defamation.
  13. Cy.Pha.M.A. reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions by periodic updates. Said changes will come into effect immediately and will be binding on all visitors to the site.